The best business idea from the Producer of glow in the dark paints

The best business idea from the Producer of glow in the dark paints

We propose a new idea for successful business and simply for satisfaction of your creative impulses to your attention!

Glow in the dark paint Acmelight is in your country now!

Don’t you know how to make a unique design in your apartment? Do you have a wish to get something new? Our paints are produced for you! It can be used for different surfaces: concrete, stones, films, plastics, metal and etc.


 Don’t you have some ideas? Create space with a variety of constellations, stars and planets. You need only glowing paint, which charging by energy of daylight and artificial light and transforming it into the glowing at night, it will perform the main function of “star sky”, as well as brushes, which you will use for making art and the template for facilitation of the task.  You can use glowing, luminous stones or fluorescent candles for bigger impressions and completeness of “picture”. Wow! You have made your ceiling not just a simple ceiling, but a masterpiece of art and modern design. Congratulations! You should be proud of yourselves, you have just created your own “star sky”.  Show the result of your labor to your nearest and dearest and to friends necessarily. We are sure they will be trembling in delight!  And you should thank to yourself, not to us!



Do you like your car and wish to make it the only one? We can also help you in this! You need only glowing paint for metal, pulverizer, patience and, of course, a wish and a fantasy.


Sure, every person has his or her own taste. But you can find glowing products, which a lot of people will like.


We will also surprise lovers of flora! Your flowers will shine in the night and at the darkness due to our paints for flowers. It does not influence on flowers petals and it will bring a joy to your eyes by its fresh flower for a long time. If you want to make a unique gift for Birthday, or simply make a surprise relatives, do not puzzle your brains and do not shoot down the leg in the search of unique and

memorable gift!

Our company produces an exclusive glowing paint for flower for these purposes. 

Is not it a memorable gift?


Our company presents you one more element, which has appeared at our market – glow in the dark photo-paper. According to the Consumers considerations, photo-paper of such origin is the most unexpected and successful invention, while now you can not only to capture the bright moments of your life, but also to make it brighter even if there is no any light.


You will ask, what is the demand on proposed products? Answer: All printing, photo studio and advertising agency are buying luminous photo paper, so to speak, in batches. But simple Customers have even bigger demand for photo-paper, which are a good market at the sales market.


May be, have you also heard about glowing football balls, about glowing golf balls and table tennis? This is what we can do! Acmelight Company produces a big quantity of glowing products of any color and taste. Also we produce glowing signs of safety systems to protect people from emergency, injuries at the working place, as well as to save the life in case of man-made disaster.


If you are interested in business, made on beauty, then you need a small start-up capital, perseverance, dedication and desire to earn good money almost from nothing. You can make your business not only in office, but also at home by means of computer and Internet.

Products of Acmelight company are promoted and known in many countries all around the world and there is a wide market, which is interested in this sphere of business. Our products do not contain phosphor and other harmful additives. It is produced according to requirements of ergonomics and modern design.




We propose you to become our Dealer and will be glad to see you in our business.

You can find everything that you can be interested in at the website of our company

You can also contact our managers on phone:



Skype – acmelightcompany

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